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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  July 15, 2015 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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next. president obama says his deal with iran cuts off its pathway to a nuclear weapon. opponents say it guaranties iran a bomb and provides major funding for terrorism. this is "special report." good evening. welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. what some are portraying as the biggest foreign policy accomplishment of president obama's administration others are calling it the biggest foreign policy disaster tonight. among those lining up against it, several lawmakers from the president's own party. the fearest reaction however, comes from republicans, hoping to replace the president.
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and from the leader of the country with the most to lose on the deal, israel. we have team coverage from the white house with the president's latest attempt to submit a legacy as a transformative leader. democratic senator bob menendez outlines his objections with me here but we begin with rich edson live from vienna. >> reporter: secretary of state john kerry, after negotiating here in vienna for 18 days is on his way home carrying with him an historic agreement. some say it is an achievement for him and this administration. others call it a foreign policy failure. an agreement years in the making. for the negotiators, relief. for opponents worldwide dismay. for the united states and allies iran has agreed to disable 2/3 of its centrifuges, dilute 98% of its enriched
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uranium inventory and submit to inspections. for iran once it has met those targets, the united states and united nations would lift economic and financial sanctions. iran would have access to more than $100 billion of frozen assets and after a multiyear period the u.n. would lift an arms and missile embargo, one secretary of state john kerry said was a natural topic. >> you don't think that was any change of position? >> what we mean is we weren't getting it. >> reporter: it will terminate. >> at some point in time it has to terminate any way, because the united nations security council passed a resolution saying if iran came to the table and negotiated sanctions would be taken away. >> reporter: while the administration claims this brings oversight to iran's nuclear ambitions, iran's
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traditional enemies they this concede toos much. >> what a stunning historic mistake. israel is not bound by this deal with iran and israel is not bound by this deal with iran because iran continues to seek our destruction. we will always defend ourselves. >> i think this is a restraint. anybody who suggests that knowing that they can't have a nuclear weapon is somehow license for somebody else to get one, i don't think anyone else wants to live with the restraints iran lives with. >> reporter: iran's leadership says this nuclear accord represents a foundation of a potential partnership. >> today could have been the end of hope on this issue. but now we are starting a new chapter of hope. >> reporter: to the possibility of a deeper relationship with iran moving forward, secretary of state kerry says he refuses to prognosticate on this one.
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he says this deal is about iran's nuclear program, nothing more. brett? >> rich edson live in vie evenee vienna thank you. republicans say the president values his legacy above all else. here's more from the white house tonight. >> today's announcement marks one more chapter in this pursuit of a safer and more helpful, more hopeful world. >> reporter: a more hopeful world. for president obama, that was the pretext for the iran nuclear agreement. a world the white house says that looks forward rather than back through the lenls of historic rivalries. >> america must lead not just with our might but our principles. i shows we are stronger not when we are alone but when we bring the world together. >> reporter: forged with the help of other world powers it's
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debatable whether the deal will bring together the world. but there's no denying the president's intentions to cement his legacy by engaging long standing foes. you can call it the obama doctrine predicated on reaching out to former enemies in the hopes of breaking down historic barriers. the problem, it's a policy built on hope that rogue regimes will change. with scrutiny expected to be fierce the president threatened lawmakers who might be thinking of scuttling this deal to stand down. >> i will veto any legislation that will prevent the successful implementation of this deal. >> reporter: critics pounced. >> the administration kept lowering the bar time and time again, defending the violations of the iran yapians every step of the way, going legacy shopping. >> this should not be about some
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political legacy project. this is not some game either. >> reporter: another criticism, no deal on the fate of several americans being held in iran. >> i blame president obama squarely here. the idea that we have cut a nuclear deal with iran and i will say the islamic republic of iran and did not secure the release of four americans is absurd it is wrong. >> this deal was not about those other issues. we didn't want to get it confused with the other issues. one of the reasons w able to be successful is that it wasn't confused with them. if it had been i don't think we would have arrived at an agreement. >> reporter: we'll have a lot more on the deal as the president addresses the press in a news conference and the nation while the vice president heads to capitol hill to brief lawmakers. brett? >> kevin corke, live on the north lawn. as kevin mentioned, the scene now shifts to congress. mike emanuel is on capitol hill
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tonight with where we go from here. >> we're going to do everything we can to get to the details, and if in fact this is as bad a deal i think it is we'll do everything we can to stop it. >> reporter: the house and senate will have 60 days to consider the nuclear agreement after the final text arrives on capitol hill. a simple majority in both chambers is all that is needed to reject it. then assuming president obama vetoes that rebuff the real test is if a 2/3 majority in the house and senate will vote to override. >> the president is the most important democrat in the country and he's in favor of this he's going to work hard to get the 34 votes that i know he knows he needs in order to sustain it. >> reporter: some democrats took a cautious approach until they're able to review the final deal. >> i think it would be somewhat illogical for me to say yes or no. i'm going to wait to see what's in the agreement. >> now we get to work reading the agreement to see if we can agree with it.
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this is not about trust. this is all about verifiable enforceable provisions to keep a lid as the secretary said keep a lid on nuclear proliferation. so that's what is important here. >> reporter: the chairman of the senate foreign relations committee didn't react well to america's enemies and rivals "spiking the ball" today. >> as i read the comments from the iranian president, and as i read the comments from putin and bashar assad, a murderous leader of syria, i'm concerned. >> this will result in a nuclear arms race in the middle east. >> reporter: and chairman john mccain was not impressed. >> i predicted in their desperation, that the president and john kerry would make a bad deal. it looks very much like they made a worse deal than even we had feared. >> reporter: republican leadership aides expect
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bipartisan opposition after lawmakers get an earful from constituents in august. but they suggest it's too early to say if it will be enough to override a veto. >> let's get more perspectives. joining us tonight, senator bob menendez. thank you for being here. your first impression of what you've seen and heard about all that's in here? >> first of all, i'm going to have to go to the whole agreement, and i look forward to chairman's review of the agreement before the senate foreign relations committee. but there's some takeaways that you can see at first glance. number one, we're basically legitimizing iran's nuclear program and say thing is a nuclear threshold in iran. secondly we're not ending iran's nuclear infrastructure. in some elements of it we're preserving it. and i have real concerns about some of our red lines that have
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been crossed. i don't read in this agreement any time anywhere inspections for example, which are critical when you have a 20-year history of iran deceiving the world and having covert facilities to enrich uranium. finally, at first blush again, when you lift the arms embargo to a country that is the major sponsor of state terrorism in the world, and is already destabilizing the region in yemen, lebanon, syria, and iraq to give them, after they're going to get $150 billion of economic relief the opportunity to buy conventional weapons and improve their missile technology doesn't seem to be in the national interest of the united states. we'll see how those questions are answered by the administration. >> here is one of the questions. secretary kerry talked about what else they could have done. take a listen. >> the program grew to the
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point where iran accumulated enough fissile material for 10 to 12 nuclear bombs. i will tell you, sanctioning iran until it capitulates makes for a powerful talking point and a pretty good political speech but it's not achievable outside a world of fantasy. >> basically, what else would you do there? >> well i think we never tested the proposition that dismantling elements of iran's elicit nuclear infrastructure was possible. it's hard for me to believe that the world powers sitting on one side of the table, and the european union, looking at the iranians who are suffering under staggering sanctions that i helped author and falling oil prices couldn't get a deal that eliminated some of that infrastructure.
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so i don't know that's a world of fantasy. so i look at this and i say to myself isn't it possible with all the world on one side of the table and iran reeling with economic challenges that you couldn't have done better as it relates to eliminating that nuclear infrastructure. because brett at the end of the day, the challenge is that 10 to 12 years from now, does iran have a pathway towards a full industrial sized nuclear program and the possibility of breaking out a weapon. and if so all you've done is delayed the question of iran's nuclear ambitions, but delayed it in a time which iran will be stronger economically more vibrant in the region. that's the challenge. >> when the administration and supporters of this deal say hey, listen it's either this or war -- >> i think that's a false choice and has been all along. when i originally authored the sanctions on iran with my
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colleague of illinois i had members of the administration come before the committee and say you'll break the international coalition if you pursue these sanctions. ultimately they passed 99-0 in the senate and in the house, and the administration now embraces those sanctions that have brought iran to the table. so the suggestion that the breaking of coalition is going to happen you know if we do this that the only option is war is a false one. look iran has a trillion dollar economy. we have a $17 trillion economy. if you're going to be barred from entering our market because you're engaging with iran, which market are you going to pursue? >> on this vote do you think there are the votes to shoot this down? >> well the vetting of the agreement is going to dictate that. i think it's premature for some people to say they're definitely against it and for others to say they're for it. let's have the vetting. but if the answer to the questions i've posed with you
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cannot be resolved i don't know how one gets to the view that this is in the national security interest of the united states, of our allies in the region as well as our critical ally israel. >> a lot of people wrote in slowa twitter. andrew asked this, why weren't the american homgstages part of this iran deal? >> if the iranians can throw in the lifting of the arms embargo at the end, which i don't see as part of the agreement, then it would have been okay to raise the hostage issue. i've been told various times on the sidelines the hostage issue has been raised but i don't know how vigorously that was done and why we don't have any of them back at home in our possession. >> last thing, senator. you are under criminal indictment 14 counts of political corruption. you have vowed to fight this. you go to trial in november. you said at the time when it came down you were going to
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stand strong against those who were trying to silence you. did you believe because of your opposition to iran your opposition to the cuba policy that this administration was trying to silence you? >> look i'm innocent of the charges. i'm going to prove that the government overreached here. i'm going to be exonerated. but what's most important is that nothing is going to back me down on my critical views on behalf of the people of new jersey and my service to the nation. and that includes on iran cuba other foreign policy issues as well. >> you're clearly still as vocal, senator. >> and i intend to be until my final days in the senate which will be for a long time because i intend to end this critical issue, pursue this term and continue. up next startling revelations that could be a huge blow to the abortion industry. but first, fox 31 in denver with
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closing arguments in the case of james holmes who killed 12 people. his attorneys say he should be found not guilty by reason of insanity. prosecutors say he knew what he was doing. in seattle, a 16-year-old girl is found alive two days after a plane crash in central washington. she walked out of the rugged territory where the plane went down. the fate of her two step grandparents who were also on board, remains unclear and the search continues for the wreckage. this is a live look at great american ballpark in cincinnati site of tonight's major league baseball all-star game. our affiliate fox 19 is all over the festivities, featuring barry larkin as grand marshal. you can see the game tonight on the big fox. coverage begins 7:00 eastern time. that's tonight's live look from "special report." we'll be right back.
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startling revelations tonight that could put some in the abortion industry in the most uncomfortable position. it has to do with what happens after that procedure. here's chief legal correspondent shannon brean. >> reporter: the center for medical progress launched this
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website today by releasing a video that says it's the result of a 2 1/2 year undercover investigation into practices at planned parenthood. in the video shot in the los angeles restaurant last summer a woman identified as dr. deborah nucatella discusses the transfer of fetal body parts harvested after abortion. >> reporter: federal law bans the sale of howuman organs. videos were shot with actors with the goal of harvesting organs and hearts. >> reporter: the actors also asked whether it would be possible to have some type of
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blanket agreement regarding the transfer of body parts with the national planned parenthood organization rather than going through local affiliates. while there was an acknowledgement discussions had happened at the national level -- >> reporter: planned parenthood called it a well funded group established for the purpose of damaging planned parenthood, adding -- >> reporter: in the video, the woman identified as planned parenthood's senior director of medical services says prices per body part would range from $30 to $100. in the statement today, planned parenthood says some costs it incurs such as transporting
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tissue are reimbursed and that is standard across the medical field. brett? >> amazing story. thank you. oil prices initially dropped after word of the iran deal but closed up slightly at $53.04 a barrel. the dow gained 76 the s&p 500 up 9, the nasdaq finished ahead 33. it's no surprise that republicans running for president are pronouncing the iran deal as something between a big failure and a step towards the apocalypse. but positions are not so clear with democrats. >> reporter: on capitol hill hillary clinton, according to congressional democrats, gave the iranian nuclear deal her full throated support. but in public she chose her words carefully and cast her political lot with the president. >> i think we have to look at this seriously, evaluate it
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carefully. but i believe based on what i know now this is an important step. >> reporter: on her left senator bernie sanders, issued a statement hailing the deal as a victory of diplomacy over saber rattling. from the outset the gop field threatened to oppose a weak agreement. lindsey graham all but accused the president of arming an adversary. >> he's guarantied they're going to become a nuclear nation. this deal locks in their nuclear program. >> reporter: beyond fear of iran getting the bomb conservatives warn that'sing sanctions will make it easier for iran to step up state sponsored terrorism. >> i think in a negotiation that is bad for the middle east and pad for the world. >> we know they have been ith the objective of destabilizing the region. we know that when sanctions are lifted they'll have more money to fund those same proxies. >> it has to be one of the most outrageous decisions that a u.s. president has made in
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relationship to foreign policy. >> reporter: in iowa jeb bush said if congress does not come up with the votes to stop president obama from finalizing the agreement, it will be up to the next president to deal with it. >> it appears to me that the next president will have to deal with this in very substantive ways in terms of verification and many other aspects. >> reporter: scott walker called on congress including clinton, to oppose the agreement, and a nevada harley dealer took it a step further. >> i will terminate that deal. i will put in place tripling sanctions on iran and convince our allies to do the same. >> reporter: republicans have taken a hard line against iran. hillary clinton did too in 2008 and called then candidate obama irresponsible and naive to be willing to meet with iran without preconditions. today, she congratulated the president for getting a deal. now to iowa.
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the first battleground for presidential candidates hoping to get out of the gate strongly in 2016. one candidate in particular is making that state a priority. here is john roberts. >> reporter: it is a place rick perry has always wanted to see. where buddy holly's life came to an end in an iowa field. an intimate memory perry will spend much of his life in the next seven months. four years ago, perry finished fifth in the iowa caucuses a performance he attributes to not spending enough time here. at present, he's 11th in the polls, so he's shaking plenty of hands, trying to stand out in a crowded pack of candidates. >> there's some real quality men and women, but nobody has 14 years of executive experience running the 12th largest economy in the world. >> reporter: he has some high powered help.
1:27 am
at every stop he's introduced by the popular conservative radio host who chaired rick santorum's iowa victory in 2012. it seems to be paying off. >> i think he has a lot to offer. everything from his demeanor to his stance on certain issues i appreciated that. >> i was very impressed about what he's done in texas, which gives him a track record where some of them don't have track records. >> reporter: perry appears a changed candidate. while the texas swagger is still there, gone is the arrogance from 2012 that he could breeze to victory. in the run-up to the august debate he's highlighting his humble roots. >> i'm sure when they have the presidential debate that i'll have more time in the seat of a john deere tractor than anybody else on the stage. >> reporter: we heard complaints that perry is relying too much on talking points and needs a deep dive on substance. glenn hicks agreed.
1:28 am
>> we can keep talking about the experience but he has to find that niche where what makes him a different candidate than jeb bush and scott walker and marco rubio. >> reporter: if his national numbers hold he will make the cut for the fox news debate. he insists he's much better prepared than in 2012. iowans will be watching closely to see if he is. >> john thank you. because of the iran deal and all the coverage we do not have time for our presidential contender segment on jeb bush tonight. we'll give it the full treatment tomorrow night on "special report." no grapevine tonight. when we come back are so-cal
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immigration in general, in sanctuary cities in particular in the spotlight tonight on capitol hill. it comes in the wake of this month's hilling of a san
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francisco woman in the city whose leaders thumbed their nose at federal immigration law. james rosen is here with us tonight. good evening. >> reporter: a former federal prosecutor homeland security secretary jeh johnson told lawmakers today he could offer no legal judgment as to whether america's 270 sanctuary cities, jurisdictions that limit their cooperation with federal authorities, are in violation of the law. that answer came in an often testy hearing which johnson recounted various management reforms enacted in his 18 months at dhs and argued against the federal government imposing its will. little registered though, with those focused on the murder of the 32-year-old woman shot to death in san francisco two weeks ago, allegedly by an illegal immigrant from mexico who had been deported five times. >> he was in b.o.p. custody
1:34 am
serving his last sentence. we put a detainer on him. then he was transferred to the san francisco sheriff. we put another detainer on him, and he was released. my hope is that jurisdictions like san francisco, san francisco county will cooperate with our new program. >> to me mr. secretary, he's exhibit a that we must not have functional control over the border or he wouldn't have reentered so many times. >> reporter: lawmakers noted that president obama has not called the steinle family. this contrasts to the phone calls president obama has made to two athletes that came out of the closet. and three moms this past mother's day. >> i wish somebody would reach out to us. there are a lot of talks about case law and there's no doubt that something needs to be done
1:35 am
to prevent this from ever happening again. >> reporter: separately the house appropriations committee voted to block sanctuary cities from receiving certain federal grants. >> james, thank you. we are getting our best-ever look at pluto tonight. nasa's new horizon spacecraft is coming within 7700 miles of pluto. it has taken the probe 9 1/2 years and 3 billion miles. scientists are hoping that pluto, which was demoted to a dwarf planet in 2006 will be reinstated as a full planet based on new information. good bad, ugly? we'll get analysis of and reaction to the president's deal with iran on nuclear weapons. an expanded panel joins me when we come back. yes, we are twins. when i went on to ancestry i just put in the name of my parents and my grandparents. i was getting all these leaves and i was going back generation after generation. you start to see documents and you see signatures of people that you've never met. i mean, you don't know these people, but you feel like you do. you get connected to them.
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i wish that i could get into a time machine and go back 100 years, 200 years and just meet these people. being on ancestry just made me feel like i belonged somewhere. discover your story. start searching for free now at
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today, after two years of negotiations, the united states together with our international partners has achieved something that decades of animosity has not. a comprehensive, long-term deal with iran that will prevent it from obtaining a nuclear weapon. >> what a stunning historic mistake. israel is not bound by this deal
1:41 am
with iran. and israel is not bound by this deal with iran because iran continues to seek our destruction. we will always defend ourselves. >> the agreement we've reached fully implemented, will bring insight and accountability to iran's nuclear program, not for a small number of years, but for the lifetime of that program. this is the good deal that we have sought. >> we are reaching an agreement that is not perfect for anybody, but it is accomplished and it is an important achievement for all of us. >> it is historic whether you're for the deal against the deal what you don't know what's in the deal. congress is in the progress of learning and they will have a vote at some time. let's start there with our expanded panel. steve hayes, gillian turner
1:42 am
former staff member for the white house national security council under presidents bush and obama, and columnist charles krauthammer. charles? >> i think even skeptics of the deal have been shocked by the degree of the capitulation. i'll give you just two examples because otherwise it would take up the whole panel. number one, we gave in on the idea of them having to dismantle their enrichment so our backstop was, they don't have to dismantle it they just have to freeze it because we will have any time anywhere inspections. what we ended up for inspections, for a country twice the size of texas, if the iaea is stymied, it goes to a committee on which iran sits and there's a process. they get up to 24 days before the inspection happens. not immediately. which makes a farce of the whole
1:43 am
but even worse is the final capitulation which was the giving in to a lifting of the embargo on ballistic missiles and conventional arms. we just heard kerry say, why didn't you negotiate for u.s. hostages. because it's not a nuclear thing. conventional is the opposite of nuclear. that was not to be discussed at all. it was thrown in by the iranians and russians at the last moment and we caved on it. >> you look at the tweets coming from the iranians and some of they will suggest they were surprised they got that lifting of the arms embargo. >> that's right. the obama administration believed that if they could ink this deal moving forward, the iranian regime would right its course in the world, become responsible member of the international community. but history shows us reality shows that the kind of regime transformation they're hoping for rarely, if ever happens
1:44 am
correspondentspontaneous spontaneously, and i would add that it's dangerous that the ayatollahs are going to wake up and have a different world view. >> you listened to senator menendez on this show. obviously he hasn't finished reading it a lawmakers are saying that they want time. where does this stand? >> i think the president is starting this effort on a huge huge selling job. he has to explain what's in the deal. there are going to be a lot of briefings of members of congress. he has a tough selling job. the republicans are almost to a person opposed to this. he's got to get enough democrats that will help him sustain a veto if that's what it comes to. >> which is 34 in the senate. >> 34 in the senate. the white house is hoping it won't come to that. a deal of this historic importance you do not want it to be -- to have it be approved because you were able to sustain a veto as opposed to get some kind of buy-in from both parties. >> what else strikes you with
1:45 am
this deal? >> charles mentioned the lifting of the arms embargo, a last-minute request by the iranians that the administration felt they had to meet. the other thing that surprises me is the lifting of sanctions on the head of the irts qods force and the qods force itself. the qods force is the iranian regime's mechanism for external operations. it includes terrorism, it includes funding hezbollah it included the targeting, killing of americans who had served in afghanistan and iraq. the iranians have blood on their hands for more than 1,000 u.s. military personnel in those two countries. he was in charge of that project, and he will eventually have sanctions lifted on him. the qods forces will have sanctions lifted on it. the administration argues those are nuclear related sanctions only but when you look at the kind of money that's going to be
1:46 am
pouring into the iranian economy, the iranians will be able to do with that money what they want. >> one of your colleagues writes this -- >> do you buy that, charles? >> the idea that the iranians and the qods force dedicated in their ideology from day one to the expulsion of the influence of the united states the dominance of american allies and the eradication of israel that's the pillar of their world view that they are going to
1:47 am
become our allies anywhere in the region is delusional and dangerous. the idea that we're going to lift these sanctions -- i think steve talked about how this is going to work. look it's not just that they're going to use the billions that they're going to get and now be able to shop in the arms bazaar so they'll have weapons to distribute to hezbollah, hamas, all of their allies around the region the yemenis, the houthis, they're now going to be able to acquire the most sophisticated land-to-ship missiles to deny us not our ally sies u.s. the u.s. navy the straits of hormuz. we are giving this the opening by lifting the embargo, and secondly the money with which to buy it. this is quite insane. >> quickly, gillian, i want to get to the politics in the next panel, but also the threat of a nuclear arms race with the gulf
1:48 am
nations, feeling threatened by iran real in the intelligence community, right? >> absolutely. and the state department is going to have to take the show really on the road overseas and spend some time sitting down with our allies in the region who are disgruntled over this to
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this is an important step in putting the lid on iran's nuclear program but we have to treat this as an ongoing enforcement effort, which i certainly strongly support and as president would be absolutely devoted to ensuring that the agreement is -- >> hillary clinton on capitol hill meeting with democrats supporting this iran deal wholeheartedly. we're back with the panel. marah, interestingly, behind the scenes democrats said she was even more cheering this deal. what does that mean politically? >> i think it means that the democrats own this deal. i think even though there will be democrats who vote against it. but i think it is already a campaign issue and it will continue to be be one and the republicans can say i
1:53 am
would have made a better deal or i wouldn't have made my deal at all and we would have tightened sanctions. that's a hypothetical. we don't know if that would have really happened but the democrats will own this. if iran does start being more aggressive in the short-term, that's going to be a problem during the campaign. >> and so while we're in this part where congress is doing head counting, going through the details you think this means something? >> no. i think the whole congress debate, which we're not going to jump into feet first, be consumed by it is irrelevant because we are now going to go to the u.n. and the resolutions that had prohibited the iranian program are going to be abolished within days. they are going to accept is the agreement which means the ten years of constructing international sanctions, the europeans the russians, and the chinese is over, all will we will be debating here is american sanctions which means asseming the agreement is rejected, we will be left isolated with our sanctions.
1:54 am
the rest of the world is going to be dealing with iran. its economy he is going to expand and it will have is won everything because we're going to have a deal that's no deal and the sanctions will be lost. that was the original sin of the negotiation which obama either understood and was deliberate about it or simply misguided in not understanding it. >> it's important to point out that we don't know the success or failure of this deal until well after president obama is gone, left office. really, when you talk about imposing the sanctions. so, what about this in this debate that we're going to see? >> in some regards, this is really a spectacular case of government doing what it does best, which is kicking the can down the road. as little as just a couple of years the iranians are potentially going to have the ability to buy and sell arms on the international market. eight years they will be able to resume research into advanced nuclear materials
1:55 am
and in 15 years produce as much nuclear fuel as they would like. there is a lot to worry about there. a lot of people saying russia is the big winner tonight. >> russia is going to be the winner given the arms to come. going back to the hillary clinton statement for a moment. it's worth pausing on that. embrace the deal. we're going to approve this deal and deal with iran and their bad behavior later. think about this. seizes vast power to the iranian regime. now we are going to after having formalized them now we will try to deal with their over behavior. this is exactly backwards if i were advising republican presidential candidates to make that famous. a lot of them did. we could have run sound bites on the panel every republican against this deal. it will be an issue on that debate stage in cleveland too. that's it for the panel. stay tuned for quick update on the state of the
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1:57 am
finally tonight wisconsin governor scott walker officially announced his candidacy for presidency last night. donald trump leads the pack 17% to jeb bush's 14%. there you see walker at 8%. in case you have lost track of how many republican candidates have thrown their hats into the ring. one late night host has a head count. >> 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 10 55, 56, somewhere in
1:58 am
that range. >> 8,737,530,000. >> a lot of candidates. thanks for inviting us into your whom tonight. that's it f >> it is wednesday july 15th a fox news alert. el chak po's brazen escape. a plot a year in the making. >> her murder making national headlines but the secretary of homeland security has no clue. >> has the administration reached out to the steinly family to your knowledge? >> to who? the stunning admission to our ad mission. this kid's lemonade stand shut down by his own neighbors. why they say it has to go.
1:59 am
"fox & friends first" starts right now. >> good morning. you are watching "fox & friends first" on this wednesday morning. i am heather nauert in for ainsley earhardt. >> i am heather childers. the greatest scape caught on camera. brand new images emerging of drug kingpin el chapo guzman escaping from prison. >> anna kooiman is here as the drug lord is now once again public enemy number one. >> public enemy number one. you are right, heather. good morning to all of you at home. the daring escape plan a year in the making. we are seeing the exact moment el chapo broke out. the footage showing guzman sitting on his bed gets up walks
2:00 am
over to the shower and seconds later he is gone. guzman pride open a 20 inch grill on the shower floor climbed down a 32 foot shaft and went out a complex tunnel system. he believed to spend 50 million on the under ground escape route that took his engineerings a year to complete. it now reveals satellite images of the construction area he tunnelled to one mile from the prison. here you can see the before and after satellite photos taken in february 2014 to february 2015 to show how quickly it happened. they worked 10 hours a day for nearly more than a year removing 3,000 tons of earth to create the tunnel. now with a massive manhunt underway mexico is refusing help from the u.k. hours after the escape they promised marshals drones and task force to